First drafts, final drafts, copyedits, I love working with writers. If you need editorial assistance, ongoing support or consultation, please contact me and let's discuss how I can help.
"I can't imagine writing a novel without Gina Sorell's expert editorial help. From the vaguest idea to the synopsis to the finished novel--everything of mine has her stamp on it."
-Caroline Leavitt, NYT bestselling author of CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD
"I met Gina Sorell when we were both students in a novel writing class at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program. In class, I remember being immediately drawn to Gina’s insight and story perspective on the work I submitted for workshop. Not only my stories, but other students work as well. I knew then that I wanted to keep in touch with Gina and continue to work with her. We have. Over the past several years, Gina has edited my work for live readings and has copy edited my work for print. She has been an invaluable resource for my writing and is a valuable resource to any writer looking for a keen eye for detail and story. For these reasons, I highly recommend Gina Sorell."
-Natashia Deon, Author of GRACE, Counterpoint Press, PEN Emerging Voices Fellow and Pushcart Prize Nominee
"I call Gina Sorell a 'plotmaster' because of the ideas that spring effortlessly from her head. When faced with a problem, her close reading of the work will mean she is in a position to suggest a range of solutions. Speaking with her is enormously energizing, as anyone who has dealt with her can attest. Her imagination and experience will improve your work."
-Author, Eric Rubin, author of SCHOOL OF VELOCITY, Doubleday.