Discover Your Mother: Barbara the beautiful

Barbara the Beautiful Before she was my mom Barbara could best be described as a lover of life. As a result she brought joy and love into every space she entered. As a young teen, she was homecoming queen and voted most popular. This wasn’t because she was cool, although she was, it was because she loved people and people loved her back. Once she became by mom she continued to be the loving woman she had always been and certainly the light of my life. As I grew up my mom gracefully transformed from my mom to my very best friend. My mom taught me endless lessons about love, generosity, and positivity. Some of my favorite Barbara expressions are, “don’t worry about things until they happen" and “you’ll never regret being kind”. My mom passed away in 2008 and not a day passes that I don’t miss the beautiful woman that she was.

-Tiffany Kimball

Avid reader, Occupational Therapist, Super Mom

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