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Alice The Spontaneous

Before she was my mother, Alice was a beautiful little girl with blonde hair.

She was a popular cheerleader at Thompson High in North Sydney, Cape Breton.

She was an Anglican Minister’s daughter, a big sister, a stylish trendsetter and a very loyal friend.

She drove illegally from the age of 12, as her mother’s arthritis made it too painful to do so herself.

She loved Elvis Presley, French fries, a coke and a smoke.

She loved to laugh and hers was infectious.

When her mother died, she knew heartbreak and loss in her teens.

She was in love with a handsome boy for 5 years. They never married but she fondly and openly talked about him to anyone who would listen.

She fell for my Dad at a Halloween sock hop. He was the DJ from the local Top 40 radio station in Halifax. By Valentine’s Day, they were married.

At 20, she became the mother to my sister Allison.

She moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario to start a new life with my father and sister.

She never left the house without her “lips.”

She cherished family and friends.

She never forgot a birthday or a thank you note.

She made everything into an event.

Her energy was infectious and it ran out far too soon.

She left us in 2010. I still hear her unmistakable voice every single day.

Tracey Hoyt – Actor/Improviser/Coach/Director/Producer/Daughter

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