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My mom, Virginia Kelley Bellemeur, grew up on a farm outside of Montpelier Vermont in the early 1920’s and 1930’s, during the Depression Era. There were 5 kids in the family and things were not easy; she and her sister would walk a long distance in to town to sell flowers that they’d grown on the farm. She attended school in a one room school that had a total of 15 kids for 8 grades. The picture shows her during her High School years at Montpelier High.

At age 22 my mom enlisted in the Naval Air Force for 2 years and was a “Rosie the Riveter” in Pencecola FL., repairing sea planes that had been shot down over the Pacific Ocean. She married my dad in 1947 and they had 3 kids. When my brothers were babies my mom pumped gas in Pasadena; when we were all older she went on to get her Masters degree in Human Development.

My mother still loves flowers and spends a lot of time working in the yard. She also still likes “repairing” things –maybe she got that gene from her mother’s 3rd cousin, Eli Whitney, who invented the Cotton Gin!

-Renee Walker

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