Coming April 5, 2022 HarperCollins

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"I laughed and shook my head in recognition as the three Wise women crashed through love relationships, terrible advice, and delightful moments of connection. The Wise Women is a smart and tender novel about how hard—and vital—it is to find the place where we belong." 

-Amanda Eyre Ward, New York Times bestselling author of The Jetsetters and the upcoming The Lifeguards

"This charming page turner about a big old knot of family ties that only the Wise women can unravel is so smart about family dynamics, so warm, so heartfelt, I want to marry into the Wise family, myself."  

-Courtney Maum, author of Touch and Costalegre

“Gina Sorell’s The Wise Women is about the exorbitant price of city real estate, yes, but it’s also about the high cost of family, love, personal and professional growth—and the rich rewards of all of the above. This tale of the three Wise women making their way in the world is so warm, witty, and, well, wise, that I found myself wanting to pick it back up immediately each time I set it down. I won’t forget these ladies and the colorful cast of characters accompanying them on their journeys any time soon.”

-Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Islanders and Two Truths and a Lie

"All hail the Wise Women! The Wise Women hums along with a lively tale of New York real estate, the powers of marketing and the non-stop stress of making it in the big city. But the heart of the story is the complicated relationship between the three Wise women, filled with old resentments, new realities, good and bad advice and genuine love."

-Lian Dolan, author of The Sweeney Sisters

"Gorgeous, witty and so alive that you’ll swear the pages are breathing, Sorell’s The Wise Women sets two extraordinary grown sisters and their controlling mother on a collision course when the bottom falls out for them personally and professionally. About the price of real estate, the power of aging, class, parenting, family and, of course, love, The Wise Women is at heart about finding your personal True North. I'd follow these three women anywhere."

-Caroline Leavitt, NYT bestselling author, Pictures of You, and With or Without You